Mr Taxi.
If the world was like the one I have created inside my head, then I think I could attain true happiness.
"Don’t end up like us. Your group is everything to you. They are your family. After a few years pass by, stay exactly the way you are now. Don’t listen to the “You won’t last 5 years” comments. We lasted more than. Your members are your support system. If you have problems, talk it out. If you think something is unfair, talk to a member about it. If you are apart from each other, keep contact as much as you can. Never lose the closeness you guys have. Never feel like your feelings are a burden to everyone else. That’s what family is for. To share the same burden and help get rid of it. If someone makes you angry or you make someone angry, don’t wait until it’s too late to let them know or apologize for what was did and or said. Because that one simple foolish fight will be what leaves you never speaking to that person again."
-YunHo’s words to EXO (via haneul-jang)